Analyzing the Value of a Facebook Page for Your Medical Practice

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Many of us hear “Facebook,” and we think about our teenagers; as in, “OMG, Dad! You will not believe what I just saw on Becky’s Facebook page!” If this is what comes to mind when you hear the “F-word,” it might be time to expand your opinion. Facebook is not just for gossip and inane chatter. For effective marketing, do not underestimate the value of a Facebook page for your medical practice. More and...

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Social Media Marketing for Doctors’ Offices: Overcoming the Challenge

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The medical care industry is wrapped in privacy laws and restrictions, for good reason. On one hand, patient privacy makes social media marketing a challenge. How do you balance open communication and patient rights? On the other hand, research shows most people get their information from online sources, even recommendations about medical care. How important is social media marketing for doctors’ offices and how can it be successfully...

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Email Marketing to Patients

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Email communication is becoming so common as a way of notifying friends and clients of events, up to date information, and private feelings that it is inevitable emails will became a staple of medical marketing to patients, as well as data transfer and appointment confirmation. Medical emails have so many advantages that snail mail and telephone conversations don’t bring to the table. The information can (and should be) backed up...

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