Why Using Twitter to Promote Your Medical Practice is a Good Idea

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Social media is used for many different things these days. Many businesses are taking to social media to help expand their business and get their name out there. It is no different when it comes to a medical practice. There are many medical practices that are taking to social media and having great success with it and your medical practice should consider it as well. Here are a few reasons why using twitter to promote your medical practice is a...

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Concierge Medicine: An Old Concept With a Bright New Future?

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Before the development of modern health care systems and insurance, it was common for wealthy individuals to keep a personal physician on retainer. The concept currently referred to as “concierge medicine” (sometimes referred to as direct care, or boutique medicine) is based on this idea – the patient pays a yearly, quarterly, or monthly retainer to receive enhanced care from a physician, usually a primary care physician. The enhanced care is...

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