3 Ways To Use Facebook to Market Your Medical Practice

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It is essential that you are using all of your digital tools to market your medical practice. Facebook provides a fantastic opportunity to leverage in regards to connecting and providing value to local community members who could be potential clients for your practice. It can be very tempting to use Facebook to hard sell and only broadcast to your fans. But we will discuss 3 other options that you should be using to effectively market your...

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Accountable Care Organization: What is the Impact on Medical Practices?

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The old model of medical care had the patient’s personal physician heavily involved at every step of care, paid per service performed. Under the model used by Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), the patient is instead cared for by a series of professionals. In the physician’s office, nurses and physician’s assistants play a larger role in medical care. If the patient has to be hospitalized, instead of the personal physician coming to the...

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