It is essential that you are using all of your digital tools to market your medical practice. Facebook provides a fantastic opportunity to leverage in regards to connecting and providing value to local community members who could be potential clients for your practice. It can be very tempting to use Facebook to hard sell and only broadcast to your fans. But we will discuss 3 other options that you should be using to effectively market your medical practice on the platform.

Tell a Story

Facebook Pages require content. What better content than a story about your medical practice? Feature your employees or even your patients (with their permission, of course). Write about local health news or events. In fact, you can sort of act like a community newspaper. By becoming the source on many local things, people will come to you when they need medical assistance as well. One not to remember: Facebook posts shouldn’t be longer than a thousand characters are so.

Communicate With Your Fans

Let them know what’s going on with your medical practice and the office. Are you going on vacation? Are you closing early for a holiday? Are your fans leaving you questions and comments? Start a back and forth! Don’t let them hang.

Engage Other Pages

Commonly, people think about Facebook Pages as for their fans. But you can “like” other Pages and communicated with them. As a medical practice, it would make sense to “like” the Page for the local farmers’ market because they’re a solid resource for a healthy diet. You can leave a comment on their Page, perhaps start a partnership. By distributing this goodwill, you will build up a referral network that benefits everyone involved.

By implementing these practices, you can make sure Facebook is a valuable tool in which to market your medical practice.

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