Three Ways Your Doctor’s Office Will Become More Digital in the Near Future

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Everything is digitized now. Consumers routinely shop, seek advice, chat with friends or simply research a topic via their computers and mobile devices. In the near future we expect the health care industry to become even more savvy in the digital world. Here are three ways your doctor’s office can expect to become more digital very soon. Comparison Shopping. Customers use the Internet to comparison shop all the time. Why not apply the same...

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Some Tips For Using Twitter To Promote Your Medical Practice

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So you’d like to start using Twitter to promote your medical practice? That’s a great idea, but you should know that proper use of Twitter, like almost anything else, requires a little education. Here are some tips to using Twitter to promote your practice. Be social on social media. Don’t just use Twitter for impersonal promotion of your practice. Instead, make sure that you are engaging with your followers. If they retweet you, thank them....

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