Tips For Effective Email Marketing to Patients

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Many people in today’s world have an email address and regularly check their email. Although different from social media, emails have the potential to be a highly effective marketing tool. As the most used tool online today, people habitually check their email at least once per day. Using email to reach current and previous patients can be an effective tool for return business. Here are some effective tips for email marketing to patients....

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Webinar on Medical Practice Marketing – September 12 at 2pm EST

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Don’t miss the Complimentary Medical Practice Marketing Webinar taking place Thursday, September 12 from 2pm – 3:30pm EST. Space is limited to the first 125 participants so signup early to guarantee your spot. Click Here to Register Webinar Agenda Marketing Practices for Medical Offices (2:00-2:45pm) An in-depth discussion on the current marketing practices for Medical Offices who target seniors. This session will focus on these...

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Dental Practice Marketing on the Web

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The internet is no doubt one of the best marketing medium for many businesses.  The dental profession is no different. Knowing your way around web when you market your practice will bring explosive results. Dental practice marketing on the web will bring in more patients and increase your office revenue.  Here are some ways to carry out dental practice marketing on the internet. Create a website that will get your target audiences’ attention....

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The Benefits Of Email Marketing To Patients

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If you’ve got a medical practice of any kind, then you’re aware that you also need to exercise good business practices to ensure success. This includes marketing. Although the medical profession is part of an industry characterized by high demand, you’ll still find that you need to market your practice. One particular means of marketing your practice, although certainly not the only one, is email marketing. cash loan direct...

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Marketing Your Medical Practice to Diverse Populations

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As communities across the United States become more and more diverse, medical practices are challenged with marketing to patient populations with differing views of healthcare and of varying degrees of English proficiency. Most immigrant communities are very tight-knit and word of mouth is their primary source of referrals to community and healthcare services. Building trust with the community as a whole can be challenging, but worth the effort...

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Email Marketing to Patients

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Email communication is becoming so common as a way of notifying friends and clients of events, up to date information, and private feelings that it is inevitable emails will became a staple of medical marketing to patients, as well as data transfer and appointment confirmation. Medical emails have so many advantages that snail mail and telephone conversations don’t bring to the table. The information can (and should be) backed up...

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