Patient retention: 3 Tips on how to keep patients coming back

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According to an article by Salvador Lopez on the Power Your Practice Website, many patients actually see three or more primary care physicians every two years. Why the switching from doctor to doctor? And how do we boost patient retention, or how do we keep patients coming back to the same doctor for care? These questions are on the minds of every physician who finds that he or she is losing patients. Here are three tips that you can begin to...

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Tips For Effective Email Marketing to Patients

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Many people in today’s world have an email address and regularly check their email. Although different from social media, emails have the potential to be a highly effective marketing tool. As the most used tool online today, people habitually check their email at least once per day. Using email to reach current and previous patients can be an effective tool for return business. Here are some effective tips for email marketing to patients....

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Patient Retention: How To Keep Patients Coming Back

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Patient retention could easily be thought of as the lifeblood of any successful medical practice. In fact, it’s of such tremendous value, that the benefits to both patient and practice are readily seen. A medical office that keeps its patients coming back through the door realizes increased revenue, a rise in referrals, and, ultimately, the survival and long-term success of the practice as a business. On the other hand, the patient is...

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Webinar on Medical Practice Marketing – September 12 at 2pm EST

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Don’t miss the Complimentary Medical Practice Marketing Webinar taking place Thursday, September 12 from 2pm – 3:30pm EST. Space is limited to the first 125 participants so signup early to guarantee your spot. Click Here to Register Webinar Agenda Marketing Practices for Medical Offices (2:00-2:45pm) An in-depth discussion on the current marketing practices for Medical Offices who target seniors. This session will focus on these...

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Questions to ask when planning your dental practice marketing campaign

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In the digital age, you enjoy a wide variety of platforms through which to market your dental practice, from blogs to Pinterest to emails.  However, to take full advantage all the digital marketing opportunities, you have to carefully consider your marketing approach, and make revisions as you go along; if you don’t, you’re liable to wander aimlessly through the Internet pouring money into ineffective marketing venues. The following...

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Why Your Practice Needs To Be Communicating With Patients Using Social Media

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As most people have access to the internet in some way – a mobile device, tablet or computer – they are more than likely accessing some form of social media. People use social media to connect with their friends and family, learn about new and upcoming trends, and stay alert and aware of what is happening in the community around them. same day loans no credit checks direct lender A doctor’s office can be considered part of a...

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