With digital communication from doctors offices starting to increase with patients, is there going to be more on the horizon to enhance that experience? We’re already seeing doctors using mobile devices, email and social media to pass on information or directly communicate with their patients about minor medical issues. These already help prevent unneeded live doctor visits that can overburden the health care system. But what about more immediate information for those already in a waiting room of a clinic?

Digital signs might be the next frontier when it comes to digital tools being incorporated into the medical world. Take a look at what they can potentially do in providing patients specific and valuable health information as well as potentially marketing to new patients.

Providing Health Care Tips

With many digital signs now allowing clinics to set up their own digital templates, pertinent information about local health issues can realistically be displayed in the waiting room. Because digital signs are run off the cloud, a clinic can update that information when needed and include information such as local flu stats and how many flu shots are still available.

In addition, valuable health care tips can be given out as part of a prevention plan. Digital signs are capable of displaying multimedia, so videos can be played along with text. Providing accurate health information that can’t be found on the Internet can start to revolutionize how patients receive health information.

Digital Signs for Insurance Information and Marketing

With digital signs becoming much more interactive, patients can potentially enter their insurance cards to see updates on insurance information. If someone is looking for a doctor in the clinic, these can be very valuable in the marketing of the clinic. Simple interactivity can help a potential patient find a doctor in the clinic that takes the insurance the patient already has.

Other marketing opportunities can be presented as well, including information on each doctor and video of their practices. This can include information about the clinic’s niche procedures and specialized equipment that some patients are seeking out in their city.

Personalized Information from the Doctors

Using a USB memory stick, doctors can create a customized message on the digital sign about something they need to convey to their waiting patients. For instance, a doctor can let patients know how long of a wait it’s going to be if the doctor is running behind schedule. The doctor can also pass on other vital information about specific health information if he’s a specialist in a particular medical field.

With digital signs, it’s an open book on the kinds of information that can be presented. And with easy methods to create it, it won’t be a burden of time. By the end of this decade, they may be the perfect complement to mobile, email and social media contact to make health care much more personal.

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