Here are some quick tips to ensure your practice is putting the best foot forward.

Customer Service at the Receptionist Desk

Training your receptionists to give special attention to new patients is going to substantially help any effort to increase patient volume. That all starts with phone etiquette and describing, in a friendly manner, what those patients will experience when they first arrive at your office. It means ensuring your receptionists put their best foot forward, because someone running the front desk who’s dismissive or cranky will project to your patients.

Advertising in the Media

You’ve likely seen local ads on TV for medical practices that feature a doctor selling their medical procedures. If you’re the owner and doctor of a specific medical practice, it’s worth considering doing the same thing where you can hone in on the procedures you offer to a targeted demographic. Make your ads compelling to show you offer procedures that are hard to find in your local market. Also play up any discounts you might offer, particularly on a patient’s first visit.

An effective media advertising campaign should include multiple media outlets. Be sure to run corresponding ads in the newspaper and on the radio. The more diverse your marketing media mix is, the better your results will be.

Recognizing Your Existing Patient Base

Treating the patients you already have with respect is just as important as nurturing new ones. This can be done by sending your existing patients personal notes in the mail or a card thanking them for being so loyal. Something as simple and classic as a handwritten note on your clinic stationery can  go a long way in appreciation value. It’s one way to avoid the mistake of taking your current patients for granted.

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