Email communication is becoming so common as a way of notifying friends and clients of events, up to date information, and private feelings that it is inevitable emails will became a staple of medical marketing to patients, as well as data transfer and appointment confirmation. Medical emails have so many advantages that snail mail and telephone conversations don’t bring to the table.

The information can (and should be) backed up frequently, so that it doesn’t get lost in a messy pile of notes on an office manager’s desk.  The patient is fully informed online and can review his information, or even take it with him or her when going for a second opinion with another doctor. E-charts are not vulnerable to messy filing or mislaying. They are easily transportable and low on mistakes.

Telephone calls to patients are as prone to error as hand scrawled notes. Foreign accents or over-technical language can be daunting and a frustration to both participants of medical phone conversations and many patients are too intimidated to ask their physician for a fuller explanation.

Compare these cumbersome ways of communication to the modern, efficient way of conveying information, email.  Most people check their computer messages several times a day.  They don’t have to wait by a phone to find out test results.  They can even Skype if the doctor is flexible. Email skills can be taught and the number of summits and seminars that tutor computer skills are exploding.

Medical emailing marketing to patients is the wave of the future. Send out mass emailings to clients and you will get a better response.  There is no reason that doctors, veterinarians, ophthalmologists and other health care professionals shouldn’t use modern methods of encouraging the public to join their practices.  While the caring professions should retain old-time feelings of responsibility and nurturance when treating their patients, there is no reason they can’t bring their offices and record keeping into the present.

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