Do you know how to maximize direct mail to market a medical practice successfully? It might seem like using direct mail today to market any type of business is hardly worth the effort with so much focus on social media marketing. You might be surprised to learn in a study from last year that direct mail (and even phone) have beaten digital methods in business response rates. For direct mail, 34 out of every 1,000 mailings sent out have a favorable response in comparison to doing that digitally.

What’s the real secret to direct mailing that’s making it so successful? If you have a medical practice you want to promote, you have a chance to utilize your local connections and target exact demographics through pertinent information provided in your tangible mailings.

Making Your Practice Stand Out in Your Local Area

Your medical practice may have unique features that you can mention in a direct mail flyer. You can even create a unique look to your mailings that stands out from everybody else, particularly if you use color pictures of the services you provide. What you provide that’s different from your competitors helps compel people to respond. It could be anything from specialized equipment you offer to special rates on specific procedures.

Tapping into Your Demographic

All medical practices are going to cater to a specific demographic that you’ll want to hone in on. It could be strictly women, men, or even children. Or, it could cater to everyone in the family, or even a veterinary clinic for the family pets. Mailing list brokers are available to help you gather this information so you can create a flyer or brochure that appeals just to them.

Focusing on your local area gives you a good chance in dominating your particular demographic. However, doing some mailings outside of your local city or state should still be considered if no other medical practice like yours exists in those other locations.

Providing Information and Incentives to Visit Your Practice

Other than showing what’s unique about your medical facility, you have to provide other incentives to get people to call for an appointment. Part of that can come in your mailing providing educative information about certain conditions that helps your prospective customers learn something new. Providing information that can’t be found anywhere else also compels people to visit your practice to seek out better treatment for their condition if not a cure.

And because you’ll inevitably have competition, provide some discounts for a patient’s first-time visit as a real motivator to action. In fact, promoting a free consultation or first-time procedure can prove just how successful direct mailing still is.

Mixing Direct Mail with Digital Marketing

Despite direct mail being more successful than most people realize, it doesn’t mean you should abandon marketing on social media and other digital avenues. Nevertheless, direct mail now provides a real boost to an overall marketing campaign for a new medical practice. When combined with online marketing, you should be able to maximize and create a healthy client base before your first month of business operations are in the books.

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