Patient marketing through social media has been often overlooked by small practices and medical practitioners until recently. This is because the main focus has been on more traditional businesses. Regardless if it is with new patients or current patients, social media is a simple and cost effective way to get in the forefront of patients minds and make yourself a valuable resource.

Whether you are promoting your medical practice or attempting to get an important health message across, having a strategic social media plan can help. Social media should be much more than posting holiday greetings on the Facebook page of your practice.

Why Use Social Media

1. Many practices struggle with new patient acquisition. By using social media, you can reach prospective patients in a targeted and cost efficient manner.

2. Social media is a great place to build relationships. It allows you to stay in front of your new and existing patients while adding value to the community.

3. Social media is not going away. In fact, almost 18% of time spent online is on these social platforms. Patient marketing through social media is a huge opportunity these days and all practices should take advantage of it.

Tips for Using Social Media Effectively

Engage – Not Push

Social media should be thought of as a big party. You would not walk into a party and attempt to sell the people there. You would walk in there with the intention of being social and getting to know them. Social media marketing should be handled in the same manner. Refrain from talking about your medical practice all the time. Instead, you can talk about health topics that your patients could benefit from or answer health related questions. Pay attention to the conversations going on and be genuine.

Avoid Sharing Too Much

You want to avoid posting too much information, especially any personal patient information. Even getting into too much detail about a specific problem a patient is experiencing can be too much. It will not only come across as being a bit unprofessional, but it could also get you into trouble with state medical boards or HIPAA.

Encourage Patient Participation

When you begin your social media marketing initiative, the first thing you should work on is getting your patients to participate which will leave them with a feeling of being valued and appreciated without having to make an appointment. A business relationship starts with a sense of connection. The relationship between doctor and patient is no different.

Patient marketing through social media should be a priority with any medical practice in today’s booming times. When used the right way, it can transform into a powerful marketing tool for your practice to acquire new patients and keep current ones coming back.


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