In the digital age, you enjoy a wide variety of platforms through which to market your dental practice, from blogs to Pinterest to emails.  However, to take full advantage all the digital marketing opportunities, you have to carefully consider your marketing approach, and make revisions as you go along; if you don’t, you’re liable to wander aimlessly through the Internet pouring money into ineffective marketing venues.

The following are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you launch your marketing campaign, and regularly afterwards:

  • What makes your dental practice unique or attractive to customers? If you can’t answer that, then you won’t be able to convey it to customers.  The qualities that make your dental practice stand out from competitors can also shape the way you approach your marketing, including the digital platforms that you choose.
  • What information does my target customers want? It’s not enough to just sell your services to customers. Even as part of marketing, you have to provide them with some useful information, given that many people go online to find information about various problems.  For instance, a number of your tweets might link to useful information about dental hygiene or certain dental procedures. You might offer interesting and engaging blog posts on health-related topics your customers care about.  If you specialize in some sort of dental procedure, be sure to position yourself as the authority.
  • What digital information is my target customers engage with? Be sure to analyze your customers’ behavior as your marketing campaign unfolds.  See if they’re responding more strongly to your efforts in one digital platform over another.  What are the underlying reasons? Maybe the platform getting the weaker response isn’t well-suited to your target customers; it could also be that you’re using it ineffectively.  Also, some marketing practices are highly recommended regardless of most demographic considerations, such as getting a local business listing on Google.
  • Am I seeing the bigger picture? It’s tempting to indiscriminately use all the digital avenues available in promoting your dental practice, when your dental practice – and your own personal style – might better lend itself to some approaches over others.  Sending random tweets out into the ether, for instance, won’t do much to attract customers.  When you try any given approach, ask yourself why, and study its strengths and weaknesses.  What advantages does Facebook have over a blog, and vice versa? How are all the components of your marketing campaign coordinated? How are you balancing your efforts to retain customers with your efforts to attract new ones?

In asking yourself these questions, you’ll have a better idea of how to create a marketing campaign that truly serves your purposes.  You’ll be more focused, mindful of current and future customers, And more aware of your own strengths and what you can uniquely offer has a dental practice.

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