Medical practices have become accustomed to relying upon traditional methods of marketing their services. Contracting with Medicare, PPO’s, and other third party payers to be listed in their provider directories, being available as an urgent care provider with extended hours, and contracting with hospitals to provide continuity of care at discharge have been the primary ways of building a solid patient base. However, patients are increasingly turning to the internet to help make the decision of which medical practice to take their business to. As a result, Search Engine Marketing is becoming a valuable consideration that will enable medical practices to retain an edge in an increasingly technological marketplace.

  • With SEM you have the flexibility of determining how much you want to spend and setting your own budget. You can make the most of “pay-per-click” by specifically targeting who views your ad. Because SEM focuses on the people who are actively seeking your services, you’ll achieve a much higher conversion rate than with other internet marketing strategies.
  • Highly targeted ad exposure transforms clicks into patients. By selecting specific keywords determined by the scope of your practice and focusing on specific geographic locations, you ensure that your services are marketed to interested people in your area.
  • Control the specific page of your site that potential patients end up on when they click on your ad, also known as your landing page. For example, a cardiologist can make sure that people looking for information on angiograms lands on that specific page of their site.  The effective use of landing pages has been shown to increase conversion rates.
  • A variety of analytics tools are available to track how people are responding to your ad. Utilizing such factors as click-through-ratio, cost-per-click, and cost-per-conversion, you can adjust your campaign as needed for maximum results.

Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising available. By making the most of technological trends that potential patients are utilizing, you can ensure that your medical practice not only maintains its marketability, but is also an industry leader.

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