So you’d like to start using Twitter to promote your medical practice? That’s a great idea, but you should know that proper use of Twitter, like almost anything else, requires a little education.
Here are some tips to using Twitter to promote your practice.

  1. Be social on social media. Don’t just use Twitter for impersonal promotion of your practice. Instead, make sure that you are engaging with your followers. If they retweet you, thank them. Pay attention to the conversation if people reply. And, when they do reply, be sure to reply back if they are asking questions. Twitter is just like real life in this respect: the more you pay attention to people, the more you’ll be liked and respected.
  2. Avoid the use of hashtags. Hashtags may be popular when it comes to various forms of social commentary, but you should probably leave them alone. You’ll present an aura of enhanced professionalism and you’ll project a better image by just avoiding the use of them completely.
  3. Use Twitter for customer service. Every once in a while, people will take to Twitter to voice customer service concerns about your practice. This can be a sensitive issue in the medical profession, because confidentiality must be respected. However, you can always respond to the person privately, even on Twitter. People will be expecting you to monitor your Twitter account for these types of inquiries, so don’t disappoint.
  4. Change your password frequently. The last thing that you need is for your Twitter account to be hacked. Even some of the most prestigious corporations in the world suffer from social media hackers, so don’t think that you’ll be immune to it. Make sure you have the requisite security in place to prevent that by frequent password changes.

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