If you’ve got a medical practice of any kind, then you’re aware that you also need to exercise good business practices to ensure success. This includes marketing. Although the medical profession is part of an industry characterized by high demand, you’ll still find that you need to market your practice. One particular means of marketing your practice, although certainly not the only one, is email marketing.

Here are some key benefits realized by email marketing to patients.

1. It’s a means of maintaining awareness about your practice. With periodic email marketing, you’ll be able to develop something akin to brand name awareness, although in this case it will be about your medical practice. This increases the likelihood that your practice is the first one that your email recipients will turn to when they need the type of medical service that you offer.

2. It’s a means of building customer loyalty. Structure your email marketing campaign with an “I care” type of message. This is a great way to let your patients know that your concern for them extends beyond the actual appointment. It’s also something that those patients will appreciate. As a result, they’ll be back.

3. It’s a means of getting referrals. Ensure that your email marketing messages contain a “Send To A Friend” type of button. Sometimes you’ll send out a message that deals with a particular subject matter which may not affect the recipient, but it does affect one of the recipient’s friends. In that case, the recipient can simply click the “Send To A Friend” button and email your message to that friend. You’ve just generated a lead.

4. It’s a means to keep you ahead of the competition. You may have competition for the medical services that you offer in your area. If your competitor doesn’t practice email marketing, then you will have a distinct advantage if you do.

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