Having recently returned from running the 1st Annual THE Medical Practice Marketing Event at the Wyndham Grand Resort, I have a tremendous feeling of accomplishment knowing that we satisfied an unmet need in the healthcare space. While we only had a small group of about 35 professionals in attendance at this launch event, the results far outweighed the size of the crowd.  In kicking the event off, we went around the room to learn who was there, and why they were there.  Most were coming to learn more about how they can market their medical practices better, increase referrals from other practices, and in some cases launch a practice from scratch that currently has zero patients.

Across the 2 days of the weekend meeting, we saw a number of different perspectives at the event that came to help our audience tackle their biggest challenges and hopefully have each of the attendees come away with “pearls of wisdom” on what they can implement, or processes that they can improve upon when returning to the office.

We talked about a wide range of topics at this event from general marketing tactics, effective patient communication, the state of the medical practice in America, leveraging your online presence and reputation, leverage social media to attract and retain patients, training staff to help market your practice more effectively, getting doctor or practice owner buy-in to marketing initiatives, community outreach, patient engagement and gamification, the importance of patient reminders and how to implement, marketing analytics and much more!

The end result… a lot of note taking, friendships and future partnerships established, lots of laughs, a ton of questions from the audience and much praise for the speaking faculty and the event in general in filling a void.  It was really amazing to see the value brought to this group of practice managers, doctors and marketing managers from a wide area of specialties to tackle these issues.

I for one look am inspired at the results that came from this event and certainly forward to planning the next Medical Practice Marketing conference and bringing this event to new markets that are in need of a similar program.  Here are a few testimonials of those who participated:

“Thank you for a very enlightening conference. I found a great deal of useful information, both from the conference and the other attendees. Well worth my time.” 

Deborah Mendez-Vigo, Marketing, Institute of Pain Management

“I had an amazing time. Great event and location without a doubt! Thank you for inviting me and hope to see everyone again soon. Best of luck to everyone.”

Eric Nieves, Practice Administrator, Dr. Sieferts Clinic


Bryon Main

President & CEO

ExL Pharma