Everything is digitized now. Consumers routinely shop, seek advice, chat with friends or simply research a topic via their computers and mobile devices. In the near future we expect the health care industry to become even more savvy in the digital world. Here are three ways your doctor’s office can expect to become more digital very soon.

  1. Comparison Shopping. Customers use the Internet to comparison shop all the time. Why not apply the same idea to health care? As states begin to implement aspects of the Affordable Care Act, health care exchanges will be established. This adds pressure to provide digital tools to help people choose their coverage. Many employers are changing to high-deductible plans, making comparison shopping even more important for today’s savvy consumer. Why not provide a tool that allows patients to check the cost of an MRI, mammogram or other procedure from various institutions?
  2. Improved Rating System. Rating a health care provider is not a new concept. However, in the past studies have shown not enough people do it to make the data really reliable. This is most likely to change in the near future. Medicare and Medicaid are now largely basing their incentive payments to hospitals and doctors’ offices on patient satisfaction. Encouraging patients to give feedback and providing an easy-to-use platform to do so is good practice, but the data could also affect government funding and reimbursement in the future.
  3. More Digital Monitoring. Keeping patients out of the hospital and doctor’s office is not just a goal, but it’s another metric analyzed by Medicare to determine incentive programs. Physicians are relying more and more on digital communications to treat patients. Telehealth services are on the rise as a means to monitor patients remotely, keep them healthy and decrease their office visits, resulting in lower cost to the patient.
  4. New devices, apps and sensor-based technology are changing the way we view health care. Patients and physicians will both completely change their approach to health care over the next decade.

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