Many people in today’s world have an email address and regularly check their email. Although different from social media, emails have the potential to be a highly effective marketing tool. As the most used tool online today, people habitually check their email at least once per day. Using email to reach current and previous patients can be an effective tool for return business. Here are some effective tips for email marketing to patients.

Effective Subject Line

An effective subject line will determine whether someone opens your email or just sends it to their trash or junk mail folder. In about 50 characters or less, you need to grab the attention of your reader and draw them in to open and read your email. Focus on the main idea or story of your email. Keep it short, sweet and simple.

Avoid Spam Language

When people see emails that may appear to be spam, they automatically hit the delete button and move on to the next email in their inbox. You want to avoid making your emails appear as if they’re spam by avoiding spam language. Gimmick phrases such as “life changing” or “free” can give off the spam appeal. Avoid these phrases and you’re on the right track to good patient marketing.

Make It Personal

As with other marketing efforts, you want to make your emails to patients as personalized as possible. As simple as using the word “you” can be an effective tool. By directing your marketing to a specific group – such as sending out emails to people that live in a certain town or city – can draw in more patients and be more effective than sending out a generalized email.

A great cost-effective form of marketing, emailing patients can keep them up to date with the activities and events going on with your practice. This type of marketing allows you to communicate effectively with them outside of the office by providing health tips and tricks and makes sure you’re at the forefront by remaining in their inbox.

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