Even in 2014, and with all of the advances in technology that we’ve experienced in recent years, the debate between traditional marketing and digital marketing rages on. Is it possible to separate the two? Is one more beneficial to the other one, or do each of them have their place? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each to find the answer.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to advertising avenues that are perhaps a bit more tangible than others. For example, direct mail such as postcards, pamphlets, and even letters are all tried and true traditional marketing methods. Printed ads in magazines and newspapers also fall into this category, as do radio ads and television commercials. These are still relevant today, because people look at them every single day. However, the question remains is, are they still worth it?

One of the primary disadvantages of traditional marketing methods is the fact that the results are not easily measured. Business owners really don’t have a solid way of knowing how effective their traditional marketing campaigns are. Traditional marketing is also usually much more expensive than digital marketing, which gives it a decided disadvantage.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to techniques such as using social media, having a business website, or paying for ads to run online. This is an ever-changing method of marketing, and it will continue to evolve as long as there are changes in our technology. Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing is fairly inexpensive. Research shows that many different types of businesses have greater success with their digital marketing efforts because they tend to be less locally-focused and able to reach a larger audience of people.

The downfall to digital marketing is that, even in 2014, there are still many people who don’t access the Internet. They prefer to get their information from the newspaper, from television, or from other forms of traditional media. For businesses, it can also take some time to discover which types of digital marketing are working for them, resulting in a fair amount of trial and error.

Can Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing be Separated?

The answer to this question is going to be different for every business. However, there are many advantages to maintaining a healthy balance between the two. It helps to work with a marketing expert who can offer a professional opinion on the best marketing methods to use. With the ever-changing world of marketing, however, those recommendations are likely to change in the near future, which means that separation might not ever be completely possible, nor will it be profitable.

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