People everywhere have embraced the use of any new social media, especially twitter. It seems everyone is on twitter these days, even medical practices. Using twitter to promote your medical practice is one of the smartest things you can do.

Why you ask? I’ll tell you.

1. Reaching out to everyone in the world

With twitter, you have the power to send a message to anyone you want to with just a simple few keystrokes and a click of the button. From a business perspective, this is extremely valuable because it allows you to promote yourself to anyone. This can be extremely handy for new businesses starting out.

2. Making connections with other practices

Establishing yourself with your customer base is one thing, but establishing yourself with the rest of the practices in the community is another. It never hurts to have friends, especially when they could help send business your way. Send them a tweet, be friendly, and support other practices and the love will come right back at you.

3. Free marketing

One of the most difficult things for a new business starting out is even being noticed. And who wants to pay all that money for a small section in the newspaper or for a cheesy ad on your local television network? Twitter is free and easy to use. Being able to send out a message to your community for free is very valuable.

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