As most people have access to the internet in some way – a mobile device, tablet or computer – they are more than likely accessing some form of social media. People use social media to connect with their friends and family, learn about new and upcoming trends, and stay alert and aware of what is happening in the community around them.

A doctor’s office can be considered part of a community. In order to keep your patients up to date with how you are active with  your community, what is happening at your practice and advice you have to share, you should be communicating with patients using social media. Social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook not only keep you in touch with your patients outside of the office, but provide extremely cost-effective marketing for your practice.

Social media allows physicians to market to their patients in a non-traditional format. Instead of sending out marketing messages to the world and hoping for a response, you can market in the form of starting a conversation. Social media provides a format for conversation to occur between multiple parties. This can make physicians seem more accessible to their current patients and potential new patients.

Social media can help patients make better, healthier choices by following the advice given by social media posts. This ability to reach thousands of people with one message also can useful in times of public health concerns such as during cold and flu season or in times of extreme heat or cold.

Utilizing social media should not take more than a half-hour per day to create and respond to posts on multiple formats. Making your practice accessible outside of the office gives peace of mind to patients that their physicians are only a click away. Update your social media and you will be sure to see a positive return from your posts.

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